Kogoro, Ran, Sonoko, and a sick Conan meet tennis teacher Hiroto Akashi while on a journey to play tennis. Hiroto introduces his adoptive father, Iwao, to everyone and makes spicy curry for dinner. Throughout the camping journey, they run into 4 faculty students who provide them a ride in their campervan to the highest mountain to observe fireworks. Conan reveals that blood is absent on the cement, elevating the opportunity it becomes a homicide made to seem like an accident and that the suspects are the three school college students. Conan reveals that she modified to a pair of similar denim; however, the design was barely different, and she threw away her other jean as they accommodated Shirafuji’s blood.

Conan then reveals the perpetrator as the school student Haruka Tendou, evidenced by her change of clothes. Whereas driving down the mountain, one of the four school college students, Yasumi Shirafuji, is found on the road useless. The minor character Prince Ironbound takes him to identify with the city Ironbound, New Jersey, whereas Lalibela, a holy city in northern Ethiopia, inspired Bali Lali. When the sunroof was launched, Shirafuji’s body fell backward, whereas the campervan was in motion, which explains why they discovered the body how again. The wrongdoer used the sunroof to hold down Shirafuji’s physique and wrapped her body in plastic masking to lessen friction. Conan figures out the trick and proves the offender to be the assassin.

The wrongdoer reveals that the sufferer was his girlfriend, who kept buying expensive gadgets leaving him in debt. Kazuma’s dad and mom over who Kazuma seems like and take a look at to search out out. Evidence atop the mountain suggests Shirafuji misplaced the management of her bike and, by chance, went over the cliff. FUNimation launch schedule February 2010 Archived 2010-03-01 on the Wayback Machine. Previous to the release of the Television series, the identify Robotech was utilized by model equipment manufacturer Revell on their Robotech Defenders line within the mid-1980s. Ayumi decides that on the Detective Boys’ camping journey, she’s going to try to handle Ai www.anime-stickers.com Haibara by her first title and to call her “Ai-chan.” After the journey again, Haibara permits Ayumi to call her “Ai-chan” upon accepting their friendship.

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