NBA 2K21 – Proven ‘Defending’ Players with the Highest Stats (Part 1)

In basketball, whether in real life or even video games, the transitions between offensive and defensive plays are seamless and quick, with a balanced squad of professional basketball players becoming the foundation to continued success in NBA 2K21.

If you are finding it easy to score points onto your opponent’s basket, but struggling to defend yours against their barrage of dunks and layups, then it may be time for you to scout new talents to bolster your squad’s defensive ranks.

Here, you will find the best players in NBA 2K21 whom boasts the highest individual stats for each specific attribute under the ‘Defending’ category.

Let’s begin:



Anthony Davis (Los Angeles Lakers): OVR 94

– Davis is amongst the best NBA superstars currently in the game, and his effective reads of opposition plays is worth the stat that he receives in Interior Defence.

  • Interior Defence: 97


Kawhi Leonard (Los Angeles Clippers): OVR 96

– An hardworking team player overall, Kawhi Leonard is always on the ready to pounce on any potential shot takers towards the hoop, noted by his extraordinary in-game Perimeter Defence stat.

  • Perimeter Defence: 97


Matisse Thybulle (Philadelphia 76ers): OVR 74

– The young Small Forward/ Power Forward is definitely a supreme defender of your team. Somewhat quick and agile, he can frequently make surprise ball steals from your opponent’s hands, prompting a quick getaway offense in the process.

  • Steal: 98


Myles Turner (Indiana Pacers): OVR 80

– Myles Turner could definitely become an indispensable squad member of your current roster, as he possesses the highest rating for arguably the most important aspect of defensive plays in NBA 2K21 – Block. You will undoubtedly need someone like him to contain your opposition Centres and Guards from making those dreaded long throws into your hoop.

  • Block: 97

By recruiting these superb basketball players into your current MyTeam (MT) squad, you can be assured that containing your opponent’s from scoring will no longer be a lingering problem.

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