Are You An Expert Of Slot Terminology? Let’s Find Out Key Terms

Are You An Expert Of Slot Terminology? Let’s Find Out Key Terms

Before you start spinning the reels, it is highly important to get aware of the basic terms used in slot games. Once you clearly understand the phrases and different symbols, it becomes more interesting and much easier to play the slot machine games online. Here, you’ll find the most useful guide of the terms used to explain the bonus, features, rounds, slot varieties, and more things associated with the game of slots.

12 Important Slot Terms You Will Find When Playing Online

If you have gathered the best of knowledge about slot machine games, skills, and strategies, then you must also learn the slot machine terms. Here, we have enlisted the most important slot associated terminologies.

  1. 3-Reel

3×3 reel slots which have 3 reels and 3 rows of a symbol.

  1. 3D Video Slots

Interactive slots where every feature is in 3D including symbols, intros, animations, interface, cut-scenes, and all.

  1. 5-Reel

These slots are similar to traditional slots with the main difference of 5 reels in place of 3 reels to create more paylines.

  1. Bonus Feature

This is a slot terminology that refers to the quality features such as free spins, wild cards, or symbols.

  1. Bonus Rounds

These are the special features that can be activated by landing more than 3 wild symbols. Bonus rounds offer instant cash wins or free games.

  1. Free Spin

This is a bonus feature offered to allow gamers to play free spins without putting any money for spins.

  1. Payline

It refers to the alignment of symbols that forms the winning combination/pattern. The standard slot games feature between 9-25 payline.

  1. Paytable

All the information about in-game features and symbols (their value and much more) can be obtained through the paytable.

  1. Progressive Slot Machines

Highest paying slots that make regular gamers millionaire by providing increased jackpot for each bet are called progressive slots. These slots keep on increasing until it is won by a player.

  1. Scatter Symbols

Symbols that can be appeared anywhere on the reels to help a gamer create a winning line are known as scatter symbols or simply scatters. The appearance of 3 or more scatters can provide you with free spins. And, the payout is multiplied on seeing another 3 scatters.

  1. Wild Symbol Slots

Substitutes used for missing symbols in a winning payline are commonly known as wild symbols.

  1. Zig Zag

Lines created on various multi-line payout slots in a zig-zag manner are referred to as zig zag.

Other Slot Related Terminologies

Apart from these terms, many more phrases are used when playing slot machines online and these are given in the table below –

Nudge Slot Streaky Slots Slot Schedule
Hold Percentage Slot Tournament Freeplay
Bet Min RNG or Random Number Generator Reels
Multiplier Max Bet Expanding Wilds
Denomination Bonus Multiplier Slot Machines Certified Slots
Slot Club Mobile Slots Payout
Multi-Line Bonus Slot Machine Payback Percentage Fruit Machine
Autospin Jackpot Betting Units

Are You An Expert Of Slot Terminology? Let’s Find Out Key Terms


Update your slot glossary constantly with the inclusion of new words related to this game to spin the reels easily and get a hold of an exciting win.